15 November 2021–25 February 2022

Algerian Modernism

15 November 2021–25 February 2022 | Part of Quoz Arts Fest

Elmarsa Gallery is pleased to stage a group exhibition of Algerian painters considered as pioneers in the advent of Modernism.

Starts 15 November 2021

Ends 25 February 2022

Venue Elmarsa Gallery

Warehouse 23


Inspired by both the struggle for freedom and the discourse of identity that dominated the spirit of the Arab world throughout the twentieth century, the majority of Algerian artists who came into their own during the 1950s and 1960s initiated a modern art movement.

Featuring artists Abdallah Benanteur (1931- 2017), Abdelkader Guermaz (1919-1996), Baya Mahieddine (1931-1998), Mahjoub Ben Bella (1946-2020), M'hamed Issiakhem (1928-1985), Mohammed Khadda (1930-1991) and Rachid Koraichi (b. 1947)