6 April 2023

Afro Arab with Cinema Akil

Screening and Q&A

The Yard

Take a seat, watch and listen to the screening of Afro Arab, directed by Remi Laudat, with our resident arthouse cinema, Cinema Akil, followed by a Q&A.

Starts 10:00 pm

Venue The Yard

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The film explores the complexities and experiences of what it means to be Afro-Arab. For many years, Africa and the Middle East have been connected. However, not many people speak about the nuances and experience of the people who are born from the fusion of both cultures. The merging of two worlds - Africa and the Arabian Peninsula - create an identity that is known as Afro-Arab.

Panel Discussion with:

Remi Laudat (director), Gaafar, Juynahnah, Zeyanah, and Jaysus Zain.