Theatre & Dance
23 September 2022–25 September 2022

A Woman's Mind - Performance

Shereen Saif

The Junction

A Woman’s Mind is a dance, music, and storytelling show based on an ancient Indian story.

Starts 23 September 2022

Ends 25 September 2022

Venue The Junction

Warehouse 72

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A Woman’s Mind, is a live dance-music-storytelling show based on the tale of Ahalya, a mythological female character from the Indian epic Ramayana. Ahalya was created by Brahma as an impossibly beautiful woman. A besotted Indra seduces her in the guise of Gautama, her husband. Although Ahalya sees through his deception, she chooses to submit to her passions, only to face its dire consequences.

Conceived and performed by Shereen Saif in collaboration with dramaturg Michael Harvey and musicians Jogiraj Sikidar and Prashant Yeware, the show interweaves classical dance and music with contemporary storytelling to spotlight a woman who was deviant from the cultural image that was construed for women of her times. Through a retelling of this ancient myth of Ahalya, the production explores traditional values in a modern world through the themes of: love and loyalty, marriage and morals, desire and deceit, rage, revenge and repentance.

Language: English
Audience: 18+
Duration: 60mins

The project won the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation's production grant in 2021.

Supported by Alserkal Avenue