23 November 2023

A Few In Many Places: Session #5

Mari Spirito, Director, Curator, Protocinema, New York, Istanbul

The Yard

Fierce Grace counterbalances considerations on micro-local perspective with a macro view.

Starts 6:30 pm

Venue The Yard

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Spirito will look at the knowledge gained through hardship that has come to us from being connected to people who are far away. Her presentation takes case studies of A Few In Many Places, Protocinema’s multi-city exhibitions, curated with Spirito, to question the significance of longing for connection across geographies. These relationships empower and inform us as much as our in-person relationships on the ground wherever we are. These friends elsewhere are significant because they generate a larger sense of belonging and expand our support structures so that we may survive and be present where we are. How could we be more motivated to break out of our silos in order to acknowledge and enable accountability for each other?