8 March 2022–13 March 2022

A – B = C (The image interrogated)

by German Fernandez Cantos

Alserkal Avenue

Starts 8 March 2022

Ends 13 March 2022

Venue Alserkal Avenue


The image is a kinetic trompe l’oeil, built line-by-line at high speed, like a turbo-charged zoetrope, yet perceived as a continuous spectre. In this work, the eye retains the projected image, even if objects placed before it ‘break’ its integrity. The will to persevere, the drive to remain, to resist ephemerality—we share this with the image’s tumultuous self. This captured piece of time is shaped by the hands of space, light, and electric colour. The work encapsulates movement while playing with fleeting meaning: this triptych of installations dotting Alserkal Avenue, like all images, squirms under the unstable dynamics of interpretation.

German Fernandez Cantos is a Peruvian artist with a background in information design. He has exhibited in galleries and art fairs in Peru, India, and the UAE, including solo shows at FNDesigns, Alserkal Avenue, in 2013 and 2016. His practice encompasses drawing, painting, and video. He lives and works in Dubai.