Theatre & Dance
16 September 2022–18 September 2022

3 Women

The Junction

3 Women is a 90-minute dramatic comedy written by British comedian Katy Brand about three generations of women coming together for a night of attempted family bonding.

Starts 16 September 2022

Ends 18 September 2022

Venue The Junction

Warehouse 72

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Written by British comedian Katy Brand, this is a dramatic comedy which sees three generations of women - Eleanor, her daughter Suzanne and Suzanne's daughter Laurie - come together for an attempt at family bonding the night before Suzanne's wedding to Gary.
The humour comes from the verbal sparring between Suzanne and her mother, with comments that only close family members can make about each other because they know precisely what will hurt the most, contrasted with the 18-year-old Laurie's wish for a world where everyone just gets along in peace and harmony.

Whilst it is very funny, there are also moments of high drama and long-held secrets that are revealed to sometimes devastating effect. Everyone who comes to see this will recognise someone they know as one of the characters.

The play takes place in a hotel suite where three generations of the same family - Eleanor, Suzanne, and Laurie - have gathered to have a family reunion the night before Suzanne’s wedding. At first, they all try to get along, but soon old resentments surface, and their true feelings are made known.