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Maison Etherique

Pure Holistic Essence


Step into our sanctuary, where the air is filled with the scent of natural incenses, the allure of ceremonial resins, the grace of sacred oils, and the deep vibrancy of healing crystals. Every piece whispers a timeless truth: everything is energy!

Our quest? Profound in its simplicity, embrace authenticity in its purest form. At Maison Etherique, we go beyond mere curation. We're matchmakers, uniting souls with nature's heartbeat and leading you on a journey to elevated harmony.

With us, it's more than a mere dalliance with well-being. It's an unwavering pledge, a deep-seated promise. Immerse yourself in the embrace of Maison Etherique, where genuine well-being is always within reach.

Opening hours
Monday - Friday, 10AM-9PM | Saturday & Sunday 10AM-10PM
Main Lane