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KARVE Transformer Pilates club has a mission to offer the most effective and efficient workout in a setting that allows for a complete body and mind reset.

With it's roots in London, KARVE is bringing the Big Smoke's community-centered vibes with the cosy cafe area and changing rooms; and the resilience and drive of New York with the high-intensity strength-based workout.

The club consists of 1 main group studio and 2 smaller private studios that can also be transformed into another group studio; a coffee shop; merchandise area and changing rooms.

KARVE workout is done on a large custom-made resistance-based machine. ‍Each class is 50-minutes long and starts with a warm-up, followed by an intense and thorough full body workout and finishes with a stretch and a short mindfulness session allowing for a full mind and body reset. The studios are kept dark to allow for more privacy so clients can feel free to express any emotions they are going through during such an intense workout.

Time under tension is at the forefront of the KARVE class, with slow intentional movements performed to high energetic music until the body shakes and the mind switches off. We believe that a strong mind is the key to a strong body. And our motivating instructors are always there to encourage you and assist you all the way through and help you transform your mind into a “yes I can” attitude and the results will speak for themselves.


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