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Public Realm Project Manager

Closing date
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Thursday 1 September 2022
Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

Job description

Alserkal Avenue will be revitalising and revamping its public realm. A complex project with a number of internal and external stakeholders, the public realm project includes several moving parts and will be divided into two main phases:

The first phase will be clearing up off-brand items, repainting and refurbishing the lanes in the Avenue, doing quick fixes around the Avenue, and briefing out a mobility study to a mobility specialist.

The second phase, will be more elaborate, and will include:

  • Review and approval of the mobility study and prioritisation of suggested outcomes, including a masterplan of the public realm and suggestions for vehicular traffic
  • Commissioning and production of a public art commission
  • Refurbishing of areas within the Avenue
  • Avenue wayfinding and signage system – design and implementation
  • Shading and seating
  • Greening within the Avenue, with possible commissions of designers, landscapers and architects

We are looking for an experienced Project Manager with previous experience in the public realm, wayfinding who can orchestrate the moving parts and ensure project timelines are met.

The role includes:

  • Creation and management of the project plan
  • Planning and designating project resources
  • Prepare and follow up on budgets. This includes not only managing the project budget but also ensuring the procurement function operates within the company’s financial policies, using the company’s designated ERP, SAGE.
  • Project management with follow up on the different tasks given to the different parties, ensuring all stakeholders (internal and external) are meeting deadlines
  • Monitor progress, and keep stakeholders informed the entire way
    based on a detailed project timeline
  • Raising concerns ahead of time and seeking solutions
  • Coordinate between the different team members of Alserkal and third party
  • Oversee the delivery of all aspects of the public realm project plan, including but not limited to the mobility study, repair and refurbishment works, commissions and implementation for greening, seating and shading
  • Ensure sustainability is at the heart of all solutions with a long-term approach
  • Maintain and communicate project status on spreadsheets and Asana

The project manager should have

  • Excellent organisation and communications skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and move between different
    tasks efficiently
  • Take ownership of the projects and deliver from start to finish
  • The ability to follow up with stakeholders at all levels
  • Experience working with multiple stakeholders
  • Experience working on design projects and architectural / art commissions (preferred)

This is a project specific role for a minimum period of 6 months, extendable based on project completion status and upon mutual agreement.