August 21, 2021

Writing Colour | Conversation Chamber No. 3

August 21, 2021 | Part of Some Time Away

Can you hear colour in someone's voice?

Starts 2:00 PM

Ends 4:00 PM

Venue Warehouse 50


Playful and critically sophisticated, the meetings at the Conversation Chamber are a guided but jargon-free mix of listening, viewing, discussion, and reflection.

Colour can unsettle the distinctions we like to make between objective and subjective, seeing and feeling, or seeing and sensing, radically transforming our relationship with language.

Writing Colour is limited to 20 people. Book your space here.


Aveek Sen lives in Calcutta and writes on literature, art, cinema, music, and everyday life.

Writing Colour is part of Some Time Away, Alserkal’s summer programme in three acts.