Fitness & Wellness
3 June 2023

Women's Healing Workshop

Awakening the Pelvis & Womb

The Chi Room by DNA Health & Wellness

A Female Breathwork session at The Chi Room by DNA Health & Wellness

Starts 3:00 pm

Ends 5:30 pm

Venue The Chi Room by DNA Health & Wellness

Warehouse 80

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The female pelvis and sacral center is a potent space holding much of our sensation, bliss and creative power to birth new beings or ideas. Many of us are disconnected from it or never learned about its power. This workshops introduces you to the somatic elements of the pelvic bowl through anatomy-based movement exercises so you can reclaim this connection.

You will learn vitalizing Integrative Pelvic Health® practices that you can take with you to repeat anywhere, any time. We then go on a dreamtime journey taking us into the pelvic bowl. This guided inner journey opens you to the intuitive-creative power of the pelvis and womb to brith new creations.

This workshop offers many benefits, including an introduction to pelvic and womb healing, connecting with your feminine side, releasing old emotions from your body, increased bliss sensation, hearing your intuition, finding healthy boundaries, and gaining empowering women's health insight for all life stages. Join us in a safe, grounded space as we learn to blossom from within.

Price of workshop : 250 AED
Limited Spaces