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23 November 2021–14 December 2021

Wild Supper Club

23 November 2021–14 December 2021 | Wild & The Moon

Discover unique flavours with the palatable 5-course menu created by combining elements of adaptogenic tonic herbs and Ayurvedic wisdom that will make you glow inside out.

Starts 23 November 2021

Ends 14 December 2021

Venue Wild & The Moon

Warehouse 77


Wild & The Moon has invited renowned, plant-based Chef Claire Sharryn Roberto to curate a whole new wild-crafted culinary experience. The exclusive menu is graced with Asian, Mediterranean and Local flavours & cuisines, enriched with rare and powerful ayurvedic ingredients as well as superfoods and elixirs.


1. Sea Bone Broth, Cordycep Gomashio.

2. Kohlrabi Ravioli, Avocado Cremè, Preserved Lemon Eleuthero Tahini, Tree Nut Ricotta, Pine Pollen Dust.

3. Chaga Crusted Artichoke Croquette, Spirulina Tartare, Sea Buckthorn Kraut, Kimchi Kelp Cracker.

4. Flourless Reishi Brownie Cake, Beetroot & Cardamom Rhodiola Ice-Cream, Black Sesame Brittle, Schisandra Cardamom Cream.

5. Lavender Moon Milk, Heart Tonic He Shou Wu Cacao Bark.

Supper Club Dates:

  • Supper Club 1: Nov 23 (Tuesday)

  • Supper Club 2: Nov 28 (Monday)

  • Supper Club 3: Dec 7 (Tuesday)

  • Supper Club 4: Dec 14 (Tuesday)

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From 7.30pm

230 AED

A glimpse into the Wild Supper Club.