1 September 2023–1 October 2023

Timeless by Robert Santore

Firetti Contemporary

Timeless invites viewers into the captivating world of American artist Robert Santoré, whose artistic journey defies conventional boundaries.

Starts 1 September 2023

Ends 1 October 2023

Venue Firetti Contemporary

Warehouse 29


Born in California and hailing from a lineage of Texans, Santoré's formative years were marked by a nomadic lifestyle, with experiences spanning the United Kingdom and California. These encounters left an indelible mark on his soul, compelling him to channel his emotions and reflections into art from a tender age. Remarkably, at the age of six, he created a simple yet brilliant piece that resonates with timeless relevance to this day.

This exhibition is a testament to Santoré's evolution as a visionary painter and printmaker, tracing his trajectory from his early years of artistic study in the vibrant realm of New York City to his relentless pursuit of new techniques and expressive styles. Through the works on display, viewers will be immersed in Santoré's recurring elements that define his oeuvre, emphasizing his bold color palette, the immediacy of his alla prima technique, and the interplay between abstract figures and iconic symbols that permeate his art. Santoré's ability to create a visual language that transcends cultural and temporal boundaries speaks directly to the universal human experience, fostering a connection that defies time and place.