August 21, 2021

The Origin of Night (Amazon Cosmos) (1973-77)

August 21, 2021 | Part of Some Time Away

A captivating and rare film by an anti-colonialist icon.

Starts 8:30 PM

Ends 11:15 PM

Venue Warehouse 50


A rarely shown work by the late conceptual artist Lothar Baumgarten graciously on loan from Marian Goodman Gallery. Based on a Tupi Indian myth about the derivation of the night, the film depicts a fantastic landscape passing from night into day and back into night. The forest and river become an exotic cosmos of birds, animals, and aquatic life, which is gradually revealed to be a subtle artifice created out of debris and toxic waste in a section of the Rhine between Düsseldorf and Cologne. A symphonic soundtrack, composed of the natural sounds of the forest and punctuated by a dramatic thunderstorm, forms the underlying structure of this haunting film-sculpture.

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Artist: Lothar Baumgarten
On loan from Marian Goodman Gallery
Credit: Lothar Baumgarten, Germany BRD 1973-1977, 16mm, 102 minutes

The Origin of Night (Amazon Cosmos) is part of Some Time Away, Alserkal’s summer programme in three acts.