March 22, 2021–April 3, 2021

Study for an Incision

Explorations for the 2021 Yard Commission by Tania Ursomarzo

March 22, 2021–April 3, 2021 | The Yard

The first phase of Tania Ursomarzo's 2021 public art commission in The Yard

Starts March 22, 2021

Ends April 3, 2021

Venue The Yard


Over the Spring, Tania Ursomarzo began a careful study of the environment of the Yard, a shared community space at Alserkal Avenue. In preparation for a more substantial future intervention, conditions were measured through space-making and space-shaping elements designed to capture wind, hold light, dampen sound, and cast shadow onto the most exposed area of the Yard—the grass footprint of the former Nadi al Quoz. As light and air move through the space of the Yard over the course of the day, these test elements trace the path of the sun, with a view to carving out fluid and hospitable spaces for social activity.