Fitness & Wellness
29 January 2022–30 January 2022

Silent Disco Ride

Part of Quoz Arts Fest

Starts 29 January 2022

Ends 30 January 2022


Warehouse 43


Join the CRANK Team in The Yard for a 45 minutes Silent Disco RIDE session on 29th and 30th at 8AM. Expect to RIDE the beat, push your limits and vibe to the latest pumping tracks for 45 minutes. This is where the nightclub vibes meet the fitness scene.

Limited spots available. Bookings are now open.

To book:
1) Create an account or log into your existing CRANK account
2) Redeem a 'single session' at 120AED, or a ‘trial session’ at 60AED if it's your first time
3) Book your preferred slot
4) Receive a confirmation email with your booking information