May 30, 2021–September 15, 2021

Silent Day

May 30, 2021–September 15, 2021 | Part of Current Exhibitions

Barcelona-born Eduardo Perez-Cabrero's solo exhibition

Starts May 30, 2021

Ends September 15, 2021

Venue Leila Heller Gallery

Warehouse 86/87


Eduardo Perez-Cabrero’s solo show “Silent Day” explores life from his epidermis, captures vibrations and transmits them to his pieces directly. His work is refreshingly free and unconstrained by convention. In his new show at Leila Heller Gallery, Eduardo is presenting eight pieces, from which the installation titled “I will take you up to the stars” occupies the show’s main wall with more than 400 pieces of blue ceramics. There are three other pieces in brushed aluminum. His other three-dimensional resin artworks express the language of shape and color, leaving an indelible impression that is both rational and dreamlike.

Eduardo’s artwork is characterized by the influence of the Mediterranean Sea and its culture; his production consists primarily of sculptures with organic references. He works with rounded and sinuous shapes in large formats, created in aluminum, brass, resins, cement and ceramics. An exaltation of “Joie de vivre”, it is optimistic, clear and direct. Eduardo’s work is sincere, simple and pure. The conceptual artwork messages parallel his way of understanding life; in some cases, appearing as intriguing, mysterious and even enigmatic, a side that invites us to see these works in a more introspective dimension.

Abandoning traditional methods of sculpture, Eduardo favors a more contemporary, impulsive form of expression. He distills the essence of visual impact, processes it and generates pieces with a simple, playful design, using an ingenious production process. The conceptual content of many of his works explores genetics, rather than the environment in which we evolve, as a fundamental driver of human beings’ journey. The sinuous, organic forms of his pieces draw a parallel with the cells that move the values of humanity.