May 31, 2021–July 31, 2021

Sedimentary Matters

May 31, 2021–July 31, 2021 | Part of Current Exhibitions

The second solo exhibition of Caline Aoun at Grey Noise, Dubai

Starts May 31, 2021

Ends July 31, 2021

Venue Grey Noise

Warehouse 24


Sedimentary Matters addresses the seemingly solid and permanent spaces we enter or the objects we encounter as not being static or consistent. They are made of a multiplicity of events, encapsulating processes and a continuous accumulation of matter rather than unchanging substances. In this exhibition, Aoun contemplates the sedimentary nature of the gallery space and the objects it hosts. As we constantly find ways to move through these material, natural, social and symbolic environments, which are constantly flowing and evolving, Aoun examines how such flows can leave deposits and traces, like a river delta, and how within the process of the gallery’s activities, tangible forms can be created from the deposition of otherwise invisible traces and signs that bear witness to changes and cycles.

Image Caption:
Untitled, 53.72 Meters
Unique inkjet print on Somerset paper
157.5 x 110 cm