August 7, 2021

Reclusion | Deep Listening Room No 1

August 7, 2021 | Part of Some Time Away

Discover yourself in a secluded sonic 'green room.'

Starts 3:00 PM

Ends 6:00 PM

Venue Concrete


In this first of a three-part series of deep listening sessions, participants embark on a guided somatic experience on the theme of Reclusion. Masterminded by Noush Anand, the sonic performances are conducted with individual participants one at a time, in 15 minute sessions. The participant will be alone in a secretive chamber, safe from the unknowables of the present day, permitted to indulge her whims within a plush environment.

The Deep Listening Room is limited to 12 sessions. Book your 15-minute slot here.


Noush Anand’s work unfolds from the discomfort, pleasure, and confusion that arise from local co-existence. Based in Dubai, she is interested in how embodiment and space are mutually porous and in constant fluctuation.

Premises are sanitised after use.

The sound pieces will also run ephemerally on Check our channels for timings.