September 22, 2021–October 5, 2021


September 22, 2021–October 5, 2021 | Jossa

A solo exhibition in Jossa by Alserkal by Hashel Al Lamki. Curated by Alia Zaal

Starts September 22, 2021

Ends October 5, 2021

Venue Jossa


Pulse, a solo exhibition by Hashel Al Lamki-in its first part-presents a new body of work that is remarkably physical in its visual aspects. The work presented in the exhibition marks Hashel’s personal expressions in a wide spectrum of colours using different materials on a variety of surfaces and in dimensions ranging from intimate to monumental. The new series of drawings and paintings were produced with a high level of spontaneity yielding from a state that was necessary to exert a flow of his internal energy in all its fluctuating waves and harmonious rhythms.

Pulse is a tribute to Saeed Al Lamki, the father of Hashel, who peacefully passed away in January 2021, may his soul rest in eternal peace. Very soon after the news of his father’s passing, an urge to express bottled feelings emerged and erupted into an explosion of colour, making marks full of energy on cardboard and thick manufactured paper. At the End of the Knight was the beginning of a new body of works on paper, a tribute, a letter, an expression dedicated to his father in a tangible form that he found solace in its process. These compositions of light and colour were drawn on card board that were pulled out of folded clothes that belonged to his father. These card boards were typically used in local laundries to keep the folded clothes crisp and in shape. The papers were piling up as the artist was mourning the passing of his father and folding away his clothes for charity.

Through his gestures of vibrant and muted colours, the wheel of concentration shifts from an intentional action to an auto-didactic subconscious one. The marks become more soothing and reminiscent of his childhood in Al Ain where he had his first studio at the age of 8.

The selection of drawings exhibited in Pulse are only a part of a larger body of work that the artist had done during his mourning days that he spent earlier this year in Al Ain. The materials used to create these drawings were familiar and easily available in the artist’s immediate vicinity. The process was convenient and personal, thanks to the discrete size and practical mediums like oil and soft pastels, ink, coloured pencils, and gouache that come in an array of colours, ready for the artist to use at a pace that exceeds his speed while painting on a normal day. This momentum is obvious when looking at his work and appears to be visible as a whole composition when carefully seen as a sequence of vibrations.

The artist transforms his surface and tools allowing for more experimentation with the spontaneous process of auto-expression. Using natural pigment collected from his family trips to Oman and Morocco, the artist mixes his own colours by diluting and mixing his natural pigment and pouring it onto the surface of different kinds of natural fabrics like silk and linen. The marks of dye and pigment on textiles of varied surfaces and knits allows for the colour to disperse freely. The dyed and painted textiles are stretched at times and unstretched at others, allowing the expression to be liberated from the frames when needed. The intimacy of the work starts from a nuclear abstract style slowly expanding to landscape-like paintings depicting mesmerising scenes of Jebel Hafeet.

Installation images of Pulse exhibition at Jossa by Alserkal