September 22, 2021–October 30, 2021

oneWall 2021: Statistics of Meaninglessness by Poonam Jain

September 22, 2021–October 30, 2021 | Part of Alserkal Lates

Starts September 22, 2021

Ends October 30, 2021

Venue 1x1 Art Gallery

Warehouse 10


When uncertainty is a norm. When distractions are fabricated systematically to be blinded. When religion, economy, and politics unify under one umbrella of power. When faith becomes doubt. When one feels tiny in the tide of time. When you are not given a chance to fathom one event after the other. When statistics are real people with flesh and blood. When you dream of jumping time with the hope that this might become history. I find myself little and my practice becomes 'time pass'. The passing of time to run away and cocoon in a task of repeating again and again as if churning order in chaos.

I make debris. I mark time with continuing lines and words. I write. And continue to write. Like communicating, like archiving, like measuring, like evolving, like erroring, like counting. This series of works that contain text have no end no beginning. They are all part of multiple ongoing series.

Like there is no single infinity, there is infinity in every direction.

Poonam Jain,

Bombay, 2021

Installation Views | Statistics of Meaninglessness

Litany of Prayers, 2021 Drawing on Paper, Acrylic Sheet, & Swiss Clips Installation Size Variable, 196 x 229 x 1.5 cm

Book of Hybrid/Errors (from 'Infinity/ Evidence of Hope' Series), 2021 Drawing on Paper, 22 x 30 cm 8 5/8 x 11 3/4 in

ALL CAPS, 2021 Drawing on Paper, 243 x 150 cm

Translate 1-7, 2019 Drawing on Paper, 35 x 26 cm each