12 January 2022–1 March 2022

Muatasim Alkubaisy | (t)irony

12 January 2022–1 March 2022 | Part of Quoz Arts Fest

Ayyam Gallery is pleased to present (t)irony the first solo exhibition featuring Sharjah-based sculptor Muatasim Alkubaisy’s work.

Starts 12 January 2022

Ends 1 March 2022

Venue Ayyam Gallery

Warehouse 11


Muatasim Alkubaisy, Golf, 2020, Bronze, Edition of 5, 45 x 29 x 92 cm

About the exhibition

(t)irony features Alkubaisy’s largest body of work yet, composed of a selection of figures, portraying those that have been ruined by power. These non-deserving and corrupt characters utilize their positions to suffocate and belittle the common man. The artist transforms misery and discrimination into sophisticated and intricate characters through a delicate yet deliberate touch. He magnifies and exaggerates traits creating caricatural portraits, presenting a sarcastic consciousness, and exposing the arrogance of their behaviors and practices.

The figures are merely cartoon characters with puffed bellies and swollen jugular veins. Concealed by dress, their physical deformities, malignancy, and evil schemes still show through the bronze’s smooth surfaces. The intimidation, evil, and terror are deprecated into mockery, becoming objects.

The characters are situated in different environments, positioned with different stances, alone or in groups. Some read a paper or are on the toilet, trivialising and making them more humane, more attainable. Embedded, are tokens of symbolism, the rats representing vermin qualities such as filth, cruelty, and disease.

About the artist

For over two decades now, Alkubaisy has shaped his career as a sculptor highlighting the serious and drastic changes taking place in post 2003 Iraq. In search for answers and pure expression, the artist freed himself from traditional forms and imitation, creating series of bodies encompassing his beliefs and identity. In his relentless quest to stand up against tyranny, slaughter, and diversity of degeneration, while staying true to his skill, tools, and training, the artist created ‘The Generals’ series.

Alkubaisy was born in Iraq, where he graduated from the Fine Art Academy in 1992. The artist now resides and works in Sharjah, the UAE. Furthering his career and savoir-faire, the artist is part of the University of Sharjah’s fine art faculty. His works are housed in private and public collections across the UAE and have been exhibited widely in Baghdad, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Paris.

As a member of the Iraqi Fine Artists Association, he gained the first Young Artists Award in Baghdad in 2005. Among his key achievements are the gold-plated ceramic mural memorializing the late H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in Al Ain Museum.

Alkubaisy’s solo exhibition include Agial gallery, Beirut (2019); Al Owais culture foundation, Dubai (2017); Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi (2015); Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation (2009); XVA-Gallery, Dubai (2008); and M-Gallery, Paris (2004). Selected group exhibitions include Barjeel Foundation (2020); Mono Gallery, KSA (2019); Al Owais Foundation (2019); and Sikka Art Fair (2016). A selection of Al-Kubaisy’s group exhibition include Abu Dhabi Art fair (2021, 2020, 2019); Mono Gallery, KSA (2019); DEN gallery, Kuwait (2019); Miso Art Fair, KSA (2019); Sikka Art Fair, KSA (2016).