10 January 2022–2 February 2022


From the Motherland, For the Motherland

10 January 2022–2 February 2022 | Firetti Contemporary

Starts 10 January 2022

Ends 2 February 2022

Venue Firetti Contemporary

Warehouse 29


Motherland, an exhibition bringing together four artists From the Motherland, for the Motherland. Irvin Pascal (African/Caribbean), Ghizlane Sahli (Morocco), Adonai Sebatu (Eritrea), Collin Sekajugo (Ugandan/Rwanda) and Fatiha Zemmouri (Morocco) bring forth different perspectives on the environment and the relationship of humans amongst nature through their art, each artist being rooted in the oldest inhabited continent on Earth, Africa.

Pascal’s works reveal the function of symmetry and form within organic subject matter, illustrating this utilisation within our ecological systems as mechanisms to maintain the order of the natural selection process. His works reflect on the mediation between the formality of the built environment and the fluidity of existing spaces. Embellishing on the range of artistic practices encompassing both geometric representations of nature and the importance of ecological welfare.

Sahli’s three-dimensional embroidery sculptures and installations are made from recovered plastic waste, which she envelopes with silk thread. Carried by a universal dimension, Sahli’s artwork is immersed with the theme of nature, which is embedded seemingly everyday. Her artwork represents the need for durable progressions in development and also the future of the planet.

Sebhatu makes use of electronic waste, renowned as one of the most difficult materials to dispose of and recycle. In light of raising awareness on anthropogenic climate change, he manipulates the end of a “useful life” of electronics, revitalizing all of its parts into intricate everlasting artworks. This unique trademark of the artist’s techniques become a vehicle for change by confronting the viewer with the reality of our digital age.

Sekajugo recycles locally sourced material such as Polypropylene bags in his work as a response to the inclusion of contemporary consumer materials in his art. His collage paintings are symbolic of his relationship with the community: to create a narrative that the public can relate to through working with found objects like denim fabrics and waste paper, initiating conversation on durability and sustainability.

Zemmouri creates polymorphic artwork, through the notions of construction, deconstruction, regeneration and transformation. The works presented in Motherland, utilise plowed soil symbolising renewal and regeneration - alluding to the idea of how the future of the Earth is in our hands and needs to be taken care of.

The strongest environmental and humane connections are implanted through our sense of belonging to the soil we stand on, giving birth to the beauty of our culture, tradition, history of our ancestors and our roots. Motherland calls upon the importance of gratitude towards Mother Earth and all that she has provided.