July 28, 2021

Landscape in Silk Clay Workshop

July 28, 2021 | Âme Artistic Studio

Let art allow your child to develop their fine motor skills

Starts 4:00 PM

Ends 6:00 PM

Venue Âme Artistic Studio

Warehouse 81


Course Outline
Activities that improve children's fine motor skills in an integral part of their development. The use of Silk Clay encourages the children to use their hands to mould shapes and paint with their fingers. Children see landscapes in different ways and the purpose of this workshop is to enhance their creativity while they learn techniques and skills that will help them create their painting.

AED 250

  • Discuss different types of landscapes and show samples
  • Introduction to Silk Clay, colour mixing & techniques that can be used with & without the tools made available
  • Draw the outline of the landscape
  • Constant guidance and support will be provided throughout the workshop.

Who can join:
Kids aged 6+ are welcome to sign up. Kids under 12 need to accompanied by a parent. Limited seats only.