11 December 2021–25 December 2021


An Exhibition by Tom Butler

11 December 2021–25 December 2021 | Mestaria Gallery

British artist Tom Butler, known for his show-stopping collages, will be exhibiting in Mestaria Gallery this December. His exhibition “IconiCity” is dedicated to Dubai and its iconic skylines; the city’s best architectural achievements captured through his image making as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UAE. The show will feature brand new original artwork collages, sketches and an exciting new launch of limited edition prints.

Starts 11 December 2021

Ends 25 December 2021

Venue Mestaria Gallery

Warehouse 35


The exhibition launches on Saturday 11th December 2021 with a daytime VIP preview, followed by an open event and will run until Saturday 25th December.

Working in mixed media, UK artist Butler creates layers and depth in his scenes that in many ways mimic the environments themselves. An urban landscape is far richer and more complex than a first glance would ever imply. Whilst formidable structures and striking architecture might at first capture the eye, the details and intricacies that make a city are what captures the imagination.

His paintings of Dubai seek to depict the city in way not seen before through commercial art - one that recognises both its heritage and modernism, harmonising both the old with the new, and connecting with a variety of audiences: residents, tourists and even children who like searching for things they recognise in the art.

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More details, attendance requests or a full catalogue can be sourced direct from the gallery hello@mestaria.art or by calling / WhatsApp +971 4 379 0940