12 November 2021

Hammour House Art Workshops | Showcase your artwork on site!

12 November 2021 | thejamjar

Join us on a creative & fun experience in our workshops where you’ll be the artists! Learn how to make sustainable paper & use it to sculpt & paint corals. Your creations will become part of our on-site art installation!

Starts 1:30 pm

Ends 3:30 pm

Venue thejamjar

Warehouse 74


Recommended for ages 14 & up.

Location: Expo2020 Opportunity Pavilion

*Registration is free for this workshop. However, the workshop is only accessible with the purchase of an Expo 2020 entrance ticket. Click here to purchase your Expo2020 ticket if you don't have one. (link here:

**Confirmed participants are requested to arrive 10 minutes prior to start of workshop. The closest entrance and landmark for the Opportunity Forum at the Opportunity Pavilion is the Opportunity Arrival Plaza. Other landmarks: Opposite China Pavilion on Sunset Avenue.