August 21, 2021

Gardens, the Sky and Solitary Walks

August 21, 2021 | Part of Some Time Away

Feel, don't think.

Starts 4:00 PM

Ends 6:00 PM

Venue Warehouse 50


Videos, sonic on-site walks, poetry-infused presentations, and thoughtful conversation intermingle in this deep dive into nature by artists and non-artists who keep their fingers on the pulse of the planet. They will lead us into worlds we don’t usually see.

This performance presentation has limited spots. Book your space here.


Artist Amina Ahmed practices geometry. Her work continually references 'geometry in nature.' She explores the landscape between the heart, the tree, the mind, rhythm, pattern, and inter-connective-ness. She is a social justice warrior.

Saira Ansari is a researcher/writer with an interest in South Asian art history, global modernity, publishing practices and science fiction. Her presentation explores the practice of Lahore-based artist, researcher, educator, and gardener Usman Saeed.

Trained as a painter and printmaker, Rohini Devasher’s work combines her interest in early scientific observational instruments and contemporary observational sciences, specifically astronomy and atmospheric science.

Currently the Head of Tours/Education Coordinator at Mleiha Archaeological Centre, Nirmal Rajah communicates astronomy, archaeology and paleontology to wide audiences. A member of the Indian Society for Evolutionary Biology, he has ten years of field experience in fossil collecting.

We will provide all registered participants with a link to download a sound file. You are kindly requested not to listen to it until the day of the performance-presentation. Please bring a phone and earphones/headsets to experience Rohini Devahser’s work.