September 22, 2021

Fridge Fringe - Alserkal Lates

September 22, 2021 | Part of Alserkal Lates

Starts 7:30 PM

Ends 11:30 PM

Venue The Fridge

Warehouse 5






Fridge Fringe introduces a new music experience as part of the Fridge Fringe, returning on September 22nd.

Experimentations in sound and noise will present a fresh sound from local artists including musician Mckie Alvares, artist and producer 199x , and punk outfit Culture of Complain.

The Fridge is joining the Alserkal Avenue community during Alserkal Lates this year by showcasing a lineup of artists that are pushing the boundaries of their sound and creativity as part of the Fridge Fringe.

Culture of Complain is a Dubai-based punk band that comment on the culture of complaining within today’s society, while singing about everything from mental healthy, racial discrimination and the global economy.

Mckie Alvarez is a Filipino musician, songwriter, producer, sound designer, DJ based in the UAE. He is the half member of dreampop/ ethereal wave duo ‘WYWY’ and frontman of post-punk band called ‘Lord Fuzz Gzaz’ which appeared on several DIY underground gigs in Dubai. Mckie has been active in the UAE art and music scene since 2009 and has performed around the Middle East, Asia and Euro Asia. He is also the founder of Bedspace Sessions where beat-makers and undiscovered artists producers are given the platform to perform their original materials and is featured online.

199X is a beat music project by Filipino artist Jordan Cortez who is currently based in Dubai since 2017. Known for his gritty space-filled and sometimes idiosyncratic beat production style, his works as 199X sometimes entail vagueness and nostalgia that combines elements of urban and nerd culture and leans more towards the left-field and DIY experimental hip-hop aesthetic and ethos.

He’s a co-founder of Promdi, a beat-making and bedroom music collective in the Philippines and is the sole operator of his cassette-focused micro-label Analog Amigo Records. Before moving to Dubai, he was mostly active musically as a curator and resident for Ruthless Sound Collective, a sound art group based in Metro Manila.