15 January 2022

Cultures in Conversation

A Cloud is Nobody’s

15 January 2022 | Off-Site

Conceptual artist Mary Ellen Carroll will be in conversation with AI ethicist Renée Cummings.

Starts 4:00 pm

Ends 5:30 pm

Venue Off-Site


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A Conversation discussing how data activism can urge social change, leading to people- and community-centric outcomes that chip away at systemic injustice. Evoking not only new systems of exchange and value, but also innovative spaces of virtual, augmented, and mixed realities (VR, AR, MR), their conversation will highlight the increasingly important role of ethics in developing artificial intelligence. Their range of interests and interventions—VR as a means of rehabilitating incarcerated offenders, ideas as currency, quadratic voting for fairer representation, sovereign-less identity—constitutes a wellspring of innovative thinking, and manifest the progress being made in the fight for justice and inclusion.

Participants: Renée Cummings, Mary Ellen Carrol, Heather Dewey Hagborg and Mike Kwok

Location: DP World Pavilion, Opportunity District, Expo 2020.

Please note: In line with the current Covid-19 guidelines all attendees require a PCR test with a 24 hours validity to enter the venue.


- Artistic Intervention by Mike Kwok in film format, to frame A Cloud Is Nobody’s through the prism of data activism.
- Opening remarks by Heather Dewey Hagborg
- Conversation between Mary Ellen Carrol & Renée Cummings, moderated by Heather Dewey Hagborg
- Q/A session with audience
- Closing Remarks

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So, what is Cultures in Conversation?

Commissioned from Alserkal by Expo2020, Cultures in Conversation consists of ten theme weeks of events and interventions that challenge the typical ‘talks’ format. Multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural, the programme unites people who are normally unlikely to even be in the same room—poets, diplomats, theorists, artists, environmental agents of change, academics. Part of Expo’s wider series entitled Programme for People and Planet (PPP),Cultures in Conversation is less about global leaders owning top-down conversation, and more an opportunity for diverse people from around the world to unite, take ownership of a programme, and re-think global issues that have become excruciatingly urgent.

Renée Cummings

Mary Ellen Carrol

Mike Kwok

Heather Dewey Hagborg