October 9, 2021

Cultures in Conversation

Climate change in the classroom, living room, street and beyond

October 9, 2021 | Off-Site

We live at the epicentre of an ecological catastrophe with unimaginable consequences.

Starts 1:00 PM

Ends 3:00 PM

Venue Off-Site


We live at the epicentre of an ecological catastrophe with unimaginable consequences. Yet, there has to emerge a global organic consciousness and a genuine global political will and consensus to advance the agenda for a true transformative pathway and architecture, in the service of humanity and the entire human family. Our task is to highlight the urgency for the need to acknowledge the inseparability of biodiversity and climate change, and the existence of a body of knowledge that can pave the way to avoid devastation and calamities across the world. Our dialogue is aimed at underlining the existence of this nascent and marginalised organic consciousness, its moral vitality, its political-economic essence, and the necessity for climate justice, equality, and equity worldwide.

Participants: Ambassador Lumumba Di-Aping, Wilf Speller, Lara Rudar, Alla Semenovskaya, Elena Valera

Terra Auditorium, Sustainability District, Expo 2020

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*Seating is limited and we are currently at capacity. If you have an Expo ticket, please feel free to come along and if there are any cancellations we would be happy to have you join the session.

So, what is Cultures in Conversation?

Commissioned from Alserkal by Expo2020, Cultures in Conversation consists of ten theme weeks of events and interventions that challenge the typical ‘talks’ format. Multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural, the programme unites people who are normally unlikely to even be in the same room—poets, diplomats, theorists, artists, environmental agents of change, academics. Part of Expo’s wider series entitled Programme for People and Planet (PPP),Cultures in Conversation is less about global leaders owning top-down conversation, and more an opportunity for diverse people from around the world to unite, take ownership of a programme, and re-think global issues that have become excruciatingly urgent.

Ambassador Lumumba Di-Aping

Lara Rudar

Alla Semenovskaya

Elena Valera