August 7, 2021

Creative Isolation

August 7, 2021 | Part of Some Time Away, Some Time Away

What happens when you float in the dark on your own?

Starts 12:00 PM

Ends 2:00 PM

Venue Warehouse 50


Does solitude foster creativity? What do you discover when spending time in isolation? What self-understanding emerges, and what can you harness through this?

Creative Isolation invites you to spend 60 minutes alone in a floatation pod (or cabin) in DIFC prior to reuniting in a post-isolation workshop. Here, three artists and one writer guide the group in discussion and individually work with you to write or create around the solitary experience. You will leave with a draft—key words, a title, or an expression—of a creative project. Or not… Perhaps solitude is not creatively generative. This may be part of your discovery.


6 August: Floatation cabins/pods (further information provided on selection)

7 August: Workshop | 12-2PM | Warehouse 50, Alserkal Avenue


Participation is limited to 7 people. Kindly email us at stating your interest in the workshop. Participants will be randomly selected and notified by email with floatation tank appointment options and a Workshop Engagement Form to confirm their participation.

Creative Isolation is part of Some Time Away, Alserkal’s summer programme in three acts.


Mona Ayyash is a Dubai-raised artist. She likes to focus on repetition, memorisation, slowness, and boredom.

Kevin Jones
is a writer in denial.

M. Khalid
is an artist walking, running, cycling and driving. He examines the materiality of everyday objects and coaxes out their metaphoric potential.

Moylin Yuan
is a poet on public transport in Dubai, and a designer who goes to Abu Dhabi sometimes. She thinks about astrology and human movement a lot.

Note: This event will comply with current COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.