29 January 2022–30 January 2022

Colourful Leaps

Warehouse 421

29 January 2022–30 January 2022 | Part of Quoz Arts Fest

Starts 29 January 2022

Ends 30 January 2022

Venue Alserkal Avenue


Leap into a world of colour as we meet artists from the United Arab Emirates. Listen to their stories and learn all about their different forms of art, skills, and what inspires them. You too can be as colourful as them with a bit of inspiration.

Ramin, Rokni, and Hesam – Workshop

My Dream World
A Reading from the book and discussion.
What is a dream? What is imagination?
What would your dream world look like?
Can you describe it?

The workshop: Anything from taps running with chocolate instead of water, unicorns as pets, rainbow trees, living in a jungle home surrounded by wild animals, eating ice cream for dinner… Turn your ideas into a drawing and explore using watercolours, and other materials on a collaborative canvas collage.

Reading & Activity : 11am - 12:30pm & 2pm - 3:30pm

Coloring Session: 11am - 4pm

Age: 5-12

In Lane 3!