Theatre & Dance
July 2, 2021


July 2, 2021 | Sima Performing Arts

A dance performance by Sima Performing Arts

Starts 8:00 PM

Ends 9:00 PM

Venue Sima Performing Arts

Warehouse 38


A contemporary dance performance that addresses the prevalence of mediocracy in contemporary society, the dominance of the “average person” in life, regarding media, arts, culture, and politics in the absence of serious criticism. This dominance is the consequence of corrupt systems that promote illusions to the public, influencing them to follow blindly.

The title of the piece ANSAF has many meanings that reflected within the piece. The word highlights that split in the society that’s caused by the control of the average person, with one side being the light and the other left in the dark.
ANSAF also stands for the half-made decisions that stand in the way of humanity’s progression in the midst of all the changes.