29 January 2022–30 January 2022

Masterpieces | Al Ayyala

29 January 2022–30 January 2022 | Part of Quoz Arts Fest

Starts 29 January 2022

Ends 30 January 2022

Venue Tamashee

Warehouse 56


“Masterpieces” presents “Al-Ayyala” arts exhibition. The students offer a series of painting and pictures representing the story of “Al-Ayyala”, one of the most famous Emirati traditional art performance, exemplifies the ethos and gallantry of Bedouin life. This exhibition is curated by the Emirati photographer, May Al Qaydi and the Emirati Artist, Hend Rashid.

"Masterpieces" program is a program offered by the Ministry of Education to talented students in the fields of Music, Visual arts, Theater, Traditional Art, Poetry and Cinema.