July 25, 2021–July 31, 2021

After the Beep

July 25, 2021–July 31, 2021 | Satellite

A culminating exhibition of a creative exercise featuring 38 artists

Starts July 25, 2021

Ends July 31, 2021

Venue Satellite

Warehouse 16


After The Beep is a group exhibition culminating a two-month long creative exercise with 38 UAE-based artists. The exhibition will feature over 40 pieces of new artworks from a variety of mediums.

The aim of the creative exercise was to experiment with artistic production that immediately follows a creative response and impulse under time pressure, to challenge the notion of a perfectly produced artwork. The organisers were intrigued to discover what creating looks like without the pressure of perfection, and to explore how creative inspiration transcends through different artworks and artists. Ultimately, the exercise was a platform and outlet for artists to create new work.

The open call for artist participation was released in May 2021 via Instagram under the title Telephone, asking UAE-based artists to participate in a reactive creative exercise where they are to respond with new work to the work of another artist in the spirit of the common childhood game “Broken Telephone”. The open call welcomed all artists of all backgrounds, medium and length of experience. The creative exercise occurred with two chains of reactivity, with two artists initially responding to one artwork and setting off two independent response chains. All artists only saw the one work that was produced directly before them in the chain and were given 48 hours from seeing the work to submit their new artworks. The chains continued until all the participating artists produced one work.

The exhibition opening will be the first reveal of all the artworks; the first time all artists will see the works preceding and succeeding theirs.

An artist-led initiative by Sarah Daher and Anna Bernice, this creative exercise includes a roster of emerging artists who have participated or are participating in The Salama bint Hamdan Emerging Artists Fellowship (SEAF), Art Jameel Youth Assembly, Cultural Foundation Art Residency, along with other artists who will be showcasing work to the public for the first time.